01-Sea Breeze: Shiny blue & white frames, gold temples & lenses.
02-Eggplant: Shiny eggplant, gold temples & black lenses.
03-Pale: Glossy white, silver temples & black lenses.
04-Pitch Black: Glossy black, silver temples & black lenses.


Model 180° shown in 01-Sea Breeze-Blue

(swipe side to side)



Note from the Designer

Bring out your inner Betty* in retro round sunglasses that block the light…and let all the Cali love in.

*Betty /bet-ee/: A sexy surfer babe with confidence that’s as real as her style.


Note from the Style Editor

Pair your pair with beach waves, board shorts, and your laid-back attitude.



Width: 133mm

Height: 50mm

Nose Gap: 23mm

Sunglass Size: Oversize

Frame Material: Polycarbonate & Metal

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

UV Rating: UV400

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