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$15.00 Regular price $55.00

01-Teal: Black with teal, silver bridge & black gradient lens.
02-Orange: Pink with orange, silver bridge & brown gradient lens.
03-Gray: Black with gray, silver bridge & silver lenses.


$38.50 Regular price $55.00

01-Mirror: Frameless w/silver lenses & temples.
02-Disco: Frameless w/pink lenses & temples.
03-Oro: Frameless w/gold lenses & temples.


$15.00 Regular price $45.00

01-Tutu: Shiny baby pink half rims, rose gold frame & black floating lenses.
02-Too Much: Shiny black half rims, gold frame & black floating lenses.


$33.60 Regular price $48.00

01-Sass: Brushed gold finish, capped ear pieces, eggplant gradient lenses. 
03-Lux: Brushed pink finish, capped ear pieces, black lenses.
05-Shimmer: Brushed gold finish, capped ear pieces, gold mirror lenses. 


$10.00 Regular price $45.00


$52.50 Regular price $75.00

01-Plant: Acetate silver & black flecks w/solid black overlay, engraved temples, black gradient lenses.
02-Page: Acetate amber, brown & yellow flecks w/transparent brown overlay, engraved temples, black gradient lenses.
03-Jones: Pink & orchid flecks w/transparent magenta overlay, engraved temples, eggplant gradient lenses.
04-Bonham: Acetate multi-color alabaster flecks, engraved temples, black gradient lenses.
05-Black: Glossy jet-black acetate frames, engraved temples, black gradient lenses.


$28.00 Regular price $40.00

01-Femme: Pink transparent PC frame with solid brown lens.
02-Vacation: Mint transparent PC frame with black gradient lens.
03-Airy: Clear transparent PC frame with black gradient lens.


$33.60 Regular price $48.00

01-Legend: Glossy black w/black gradient lenses.
02-Memoir: Glossy white, black temples, black gradient lenses.
05-Fable: Glossy tortoise, black temples, black gradient lenses.


$45.50 Regular price $65.00


$10.00 Regular price $50.00

01-Teal: Transparent teal, black & silver temples, aqua lenses.
02-Pink: Transparent light pink, pink & black temples, pink lenses


$28.00 Regular price $40.00

01-Brown Sugar: Transparent antique pink w/brown gradient lenses.
02-White Sugar: Clear w/brown gradient lenses.
03-Chocolate: Transparent brown w/black gradient lenses.


$10.00 Regular price $45.00


$10.00 Regular price $45.00

01-Stella: Glossy pink marble, reflective pink lenses & a golden frame.
03-Estell: Glossy lavender, mirrored lavender lenses & a golden frame.
06-Naomi: Glossy nude, reflective nude lenses & a golden frame.

To The Max

$15.00 Regular price $52.00

01-Mad: Black mono lens; shiny gold accent & temples.
02-Splendid: Black mono lens; shiny pink accent & temples.
03-Dog: Bronze mono lens; shiny gold accent & temples.


$48.30 Regular price $69.00

01-Dark Matters: Glossy black acetate frames w/blue & alabaster flecks, black gradient lenses.
02-Andromeda: Glossy wine acetate frames w/saffron, turquoise & pink watercolor pattern, black gradient lenses.
03-Galactica: Glossy black acetate frames w/purple, pink, white & teal watercolor pattern, black gradient lenses.


$15.00 Regular price $45.00

01-Spey: Ultra-slim gold frames, crystals, black lenses.
02-Highlands: Ultra-slim gold frames, crystals, golden mirror lenses.
03-Lowlands: Ultra-slim silver frames, crystals, smoke mirror lenses.
04-Distill: Ultra-slim matte black frames, crystals, black lenses.
05-Islands: Ultra-slim rose gold frames, crystals, rose gold lenses.


$45.50 Regular price $65.00

01-Glitter: Acetate gold glitter frames & glossy black temples, black gradient lenses. 
05-Black: Glossy acetate frames, black lenses.


$52.50 Regular price $75.00

06-Melbourne: Glossy peacock-colored flecked acetate, black gradient lenses.
07-Venice: Glossy amber, lavender & purple flecked acetate, purple gradient lenses.
08-Amazon: Glossy green, yellow & black flecked acetate, green gradient lenses.
09-Monteverde: Glossy tortoise acetate w/black gradient lenses.
10-Thunderstorm: Glossy black, gray & alabaster flecked acetate w/black gradient lenses.
11-Rainstorm: Glossy blue alabaster & black acetate w/black gradient lenses.
12-Snowstorm: Glossy alabaster & black flecks on acetatew/black gradient lenses.


$25.00 Regular price $75.00

01-Something Bold: Glossy pink & white marble acetate w/black gradient lenses.
02-Something New: Glossy white flecks on acetate w/brown gradient lenses.
03-Something Borrowed: Glossy antique pearl & alabaster on acetate, brown gradient lenses. 
04-Something Blue: Glossy blue & alabaster w/hint of pink on acetate, blue gradient lenses.
05-Seychelles: Glossy deep ocean blue w/shimmer finish acetate, black gradient lenses.