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PERVERSE + Team Lucy Meyer & the First-Ever icon GIRL Sunglasses

PERVERSE + Team Lucy Meyer & the First-Ever icon GIRL Sunglasses

We are excited to introduce our first-ever icon GIRL, Lucy Meyer, and our inaugural, limited edition pair of sunglasses to support the Icon Initiative!

When you purchase Icon GIRL sunglasses, 100% OF THE SALES (a.k.a. your money) is donated to the charity of HER CHOICE.


What Is the Icon Initiative?
The Icon Initiative is an award given to recognize girls and guys who do inspirational things AND inspire others to do the same.

Our first ever Icon Initiative recipient, Lucy Meyer, is a G.I.R.L. in every sense of the word:

Genuine: Her spirit is real, authentic, and beautiful.
Inspiring: She uplifts with her actions and words.
Radiant: Her inner beauty is like a beacon of light.
Leader: She is respected, gives respect, has broken the mold, and achieved her goals.

How Does the Icon Initiative Work?

The PERVERSE community (that’s you!) helps our Icon Girls and Icon Guys encourage and impact more than ever before. Here’s how:

1.) They create a pair of limited edition sunglasses.
2.) You purchase the sunglasses and wear them proudly.
3.) We donate
100% of the sales (your money) to the cause closest to their heart.

Who is an Icon Girl or Icon Guy?

Icon Girls and Icon Guys deliberately deviate from what is expected of them. They are all sizes, all races, all ages, all faces, all stages. They soar above the chatter, barriers, and disapprovals. They have sparked a movement by moving through obstacles and moving others into action. They are the soul of PERVERSE sunglasses: making moments of confidence, beauty, and joy for all.

Icon Girls and Guys are...

Tough, smart, mighty, perfect, and cheerful. They dare and defy. They have influenced and will continue to influence.

How Are They Chosen?

Two times a year, we begin an exclusive selection process to nominate our newest Icon Girl or Icon Guy. This process begins by identifying amazing people who have an unrelenting, unconquerable spirit.

What Do Icon Girls and Icon Guys Do?

Our star Icon Girls and Icon Guys create, design, name, and model a limited edition pair of PERVERSE sunglasses. This is more than picking colors and shapes. The sunglasses reflect their style, passions, and cause — and that makes the sunglasses unlike any other pair of sunglasses on the market.

How Can You Make an Impact?

Starting August 1, you can shop the pair exclusively at and in our stores. Wear them, look smashing, and feel sensational because 100% OF THE SALES (a.k.a. your money) are donated to the charity of HIS OR HER CHOICE. Giving back never felt so good or looked so stylish.


Get your Icon GIRL sunglasses and pair your pair with perseverance, positivity, and the POWER to pay it forward. It’s more than a cause you can get behind. It’s a cause you can wear and share with the world.


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